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Arizona Students for Life is a state-wide office created to expand, support, and sustain the pro-life student movement in Arizona.

Arizona’s nearly 30 public colleges and universities contain over 310,000 students. These students are routinely exposed to pro-abortion bias, as they are inundated with a culture of death. The handful of courageous pro-life leaders at these schools are simply overwhelmed at the tragedy that surrounds them, their friends, and their classmates.

The pro-choice propaganda they are indoctrinated with is very effective – and very deadly:

  • Half of incoming freshman are pro-life, but;
  • 75% of graduating seniors are pro-abortion;
  • College-age women account for 55% of all abortions.
  • College and university health centers routinely refer students to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading abortion provider. Some campus health centers distribute abortifacients like the morning after pill ON CAMPUS.

    In many Universities and colleges, the pro-abortion bias extends to blatantly unconstitutional discrimination against pro-life student activists. One Arizona pro-life student organization, Arizona State University Students for Life, had to seek legal help from the Alliance Defense Fund, just to be able to set up a pro-life exhibit on campus.

    How many other pro-life students might simply give up in the face of overwhelming administrative opposition?

    Arizona Students for Life will:

    These are ambitious goals. But the students fighting for life on our college and university campuses are survivors! Remember that one-third of our generation has been lost to abortion. We know the toll this tragedy has taken on our nation, and we know that we will be the generation that sees abortion ended in America.

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